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Wonder in the story

The best stories stay with us long after the story is told, whether through brilliant characters, an engaging plot, or a universal theme.

Oftentimes, the engaging story draws us in because it doesn’t tell us everything;
it leaves us wanting more or gives us the opportunity to create several endings.

I spent a while trying to brainstorm how to phrase July’s theme that was inspired by this Ted Talk.
At one point in the talk, Stanton refers to The Wonder in the Story, and that sums up what draws me to these stories.

For this week’s The Art of Storytelling theme, we will be exploring this wonder in the story.
Hold a little bit back, present us with some uncertainty, purposefully leave out parts of the story.
Create a story that doesn’t give it all away so that we are left with an image that stays with us beyond the first glance.




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