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A Year of Stories 48/52

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When you are done reading our story, follow the circle, starting with my dear friend, Laura Mood.

 I can’t tell you this story without telling you the ending first – M is doing great!
The doctor says it is nothing short of a miracle that she wasn’t seriously hurt.

This time last week was spent in the ER and follow up doctor visits after Miss M fell off of a trampoline.
No, she flew out of it – catapulted to the ground would be the best description.
I was right there, less than two feet away, snapping pictures of the kids jumping,
when her body somehow leaned at the perfect angle at the exact time someone bounced in precisely the place that would send her out the tiny door in the netting.
I watched it happen.  Then I replayed it happening.

Over and over and over and over.

And I couldn’t pick up my camera for several days.
Every time I looked at it, I knew those images before the fall were on the card.
When I picked it up, the accident immediately came back.

So I didn’t shoot last week.
Until I realized that, until I replaced those images in my camera, I wouldn’t replace the ones in my head.

So I slung the camera over my shoulder as we headed to the park and captured a series of M joyfully playing.












December 6, 2016 - 4:22 pm

Laura - Love the way you captured her spirit! I see so much joy!

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