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The Reflection in the Story

I found this image last night as I was culling old albums and was so drawn to it.  I don’t know how I missed it the first time around, but I’m happy I didn’t trash it.

girl and dog

I love how a reflection can add layers to a story that a straight on photo just can’t.


I am a little addicted to puddle reflection shots for this same reason.

puddlerunnowmstreet KarlbergM152unexpectedKarlbergM157unexpected KarlbergM155

These two images started my addiction last sumer.  And, as you can tell by this recent blog post here , I continue to be obsessed.


This month in The Art of Storytelling Facebook group, our theme will be The Reflection in the Story.   Puddles, windows, mirrors – any reflective surface that helps you tell your story!  I can’t wait to see the creativity explode this month!

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