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The motion in the story features

What a great month over at The Art of Storytelling this month!  It was exhilarating to watch all of the motion photos coming in and consider how photographers were twisting themselves into odd angles and patiently awaiting the moment to get these photos.
Along with each photo is the photographers’ reflections on their Motion in the Story photos.  I hope those reflections inspire you to get out shoot movement in your own photos!

My daughter LOVES to be thrown when in the pool and thankfully my husband loves to do that for her. (She’s seven and it makes me a little sad to realize the days when she’s still little enough to do this are coming to a close). I loved all of the lines in this image alongside the torrent of splashed water, truly showing just how forcefully she went flying through the air. I love how the angle of her arm is mirrored by my hsuband’s arms, and the seeming right angle formed by her legs and his arms, at the perfect 45 to all the windows.

Images by Carey Pace

swim carey pace

I’ve always loved swing photos and I’ve always loved star bursts – I’ve never taken them together like this before. My oldest is starting to “out grow” the parks a bit and I wanted to capture him still having some childhood fun before we hit those dreaded tween years.

Shelley Buchholz Glimcher

shelley B swing flare

So how do you capture motion in the story when they are sitting and watching a movie? Why you show them how to catch popcorn in their mouths of course! 

One 33 Photography

one33photography popcorn

My kids aren’t used to the cold Atlantic sea as they have been bought up in the tropics of Asia. Everytime we go home they get the shock of their lives when they head for the sea! They seem to forget everytime, ha ha ha!

Viveash Photography – Jakarta, Indonesia

ocean becs

My oldest hopping on the bus. I love how he has to take such a huge step to climb up- it makes him look so little. And a little snow and a seriously dirty bus (as is MN in the winter).

Erin VonRuden Keogh

erin v bus

The footprints and the deep shadows, the motion in his leg rising, mid-step. You can almost hear the snow crunching as he takes another step. 

Erin Hensley, Photographer

erin h snow

I told her she could jump on my bed. This was the last picture I snapped, and it was clear she had gotten into the fun. I was not super happy with this picture at first, focus was missed a bit(maybe a bit of camera shake even), but I love the motion of her excitement in running/jumping across my bed.

Audrey Beth

audrey beth jump

Snow in NC is pretty rare where we live, so anytime we get some wintry weather the boys have a blast. I knew I wanted to catch the moment the snowball made contact to make the viewer feel like they were part of the action. I was part of the action because I got nailed with snow too. Anything for the shot.
Ann Tyer Photography

snow ann tyer

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