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The Light in the Story features

Well, this was darn near impossible!  I had to pick only 10 photos to feature from the gorgeous collection posted in The Art of Storytelling FB group for the Light in the Story theme.   I hope you are inspired by their words and images, as I was, to get out there and shoot some storytelling light.

I noticed the flare as she was standing on this outside amphitheater stage. I wanted to show how for her, all the world is a stage and how the sun itself seems to be her spotlight.
Julie Moses
julie moses

“November comes 
And November goes, 
With the last red berries 
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.”
– Elizabeth Coatsworth
Sweet Rose Elise Photography
tara heinl

I love a good flashlight photo. These boys read books every night and every once in a while they pile in together. This was on the eve of my oldest’s birthday. He is such a good big brother.  I love the way the flashlight directs you to the book and just highlights each of their sweet faces. The biggest reads, the middle holds the light, and the youngest just enjoys being included.  The light is such a major part of the story and beyond the obvious it shows us only what we need to see. The nightly tale of brothers and story time.
Lynzi Berg Photography

lynzi berg

I really wanted this shot to be a story about this incredibly beautiful theatre that the girls were performing in. The details on the walls, ceiling and balcony are incredible.  The theatre owners spent several millions of taxpayer dollars to refurbish it to it’s original condition, and they did a beautiful job of it.  This was during the rehearsal so they were playing around with the lighting a bit, which made choosing the exposure really difficult.  I had adjusted my settings so that the details in the seating area would be visible, but I wasn’t really expecting the stage lights to completely go down to have them lit so dramatically from the front.  The shot before this and the shot after were completely different
Sherri Davis – Photographer

sherri davis

As we put up the tree, my daughter kept circling it, checking out the lights. I framed her face through gap in the trees and the lights in the foreground made it clear just what she was so excited about.
Jennifer Bogle Photography
jennifer bogle

This photo was taken on the first warm day after all the snow had melted last spring.  I like how a lot of it is out of focus; I feel like it adds to the rambunctious play that my girls often engage in.  Here, my daughter climbs up to the top of the swingset (instead of swinging on the glider, as she should).  She has a wild spirit and I love every drop of it.
Gretchen Willis Photography

gretchen willis

At that time of day, when you are busy organising dinner, homework, showers, and the rest, it is this light that will cause me to stop and just breathe it in.
Cindy Cavanagh: Photographer. Storyteller. Artist

cindy cavanagh

We were back in England for a surprise visit, staying in a small, old, traditionally dark cottage on coast. Even though it was July my tropical children were always cold and always in search of the sun light.  They were drawn to the front window, almost using this window like a stage light. They are at their most cheeky in the mornings.  Daisy thinks the sun shines out her brothers backside, literally.  And when I said this to her, the jokes started. I think the picture kinda shows where it all ended up. (please don’t take offence!)
Viveash Photography – Jakarta, Indonesia

becs viveash

For this image I really wanted to use the light to highlight the bond between these two sisters. I thought a silhouette would lend more impact to the two playing together.
A. McHenry Photography LLC

angie mchenry

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