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The color in the story

I love color!

I love how vibrant reds, yellows, blues and greens accentuate the energy of playing, happy kids.


cabin fever copyflowersinhands

I love how color can completely envelop me when I am shooting outside, how being surrounded by a sea of green or pink calms me, centers me, and makes me feel at one with the miracle of nature.

greenbug copy


The fiery colors of this sunrise stopped me in my tracks as I passed, instantly energizing me with those reds and oranges breaking away the night sky into dawn.


The natural pops of unexpected colors in nature bring me hope and wonder, reminding me to look more closely at all areas of my life for hidden signs of inspiration and unexpected beauty.

heart leaf copy

favorite seasons

Although most of my color work with my kids involves bright, primary colors as a backdrop to play, I like to incorporate muted tones and hues when they are being more reflective.


I love how the tranquil pink against the soft blue sky sets the tone for her dreamy morning dance on this hill.

I’m simply fascinated by the psychology of color and would love to see your images where color helped tell the story.

This month in The Art of Storytelling Facebook group, we will be exploring the role of color in the story and how it can help solidify the mood and theme in your images.   I can’t wait to see more inspirational work from the insanely talented crew in this group!


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