Our Year of Stories 6/52

H&M had a figure 8 competition the first day we got these and I declared M the winner.
I knew better – the answer is always, “it’s a tie!”
He’s obsessed with getting the perfect figure 8 now.

I don’t have many family pictures since I’m always behind the camera.  I take every chance I can to get us all in the frame :).
I love that Chief is smiling even in a silhouette.  And notice H’s bunny ears on M — EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. he does this now.

She asked to do a chalk drawing.  When I saw where it was going, my momma heart just exploded.

“Look, Mom!  I look like a dog!!!”

Anything for Grammy!  Even some of his yummy Braum’s ice cream!

Every morning, he tries to give her a kiss goodbye before school.
Sometimes he’s successful, and sometimes it looks like this.
Nothing better than hilarious cat videos before bed!

February 14, 2017 - 11:22 am

Our Year of Stories – 6/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] It’s hard to get them all to stand still for a family photo, even one in silhouette.  The dog had just finished a long game of fetch, the kids had been playing at the park, and the sun was hitting this fence at just the right angle.  So I got my family picture!  All 5 of us in the frame, with a smiling dog to top it all off!  For more of our week, head to the blog! […]

Our Year of Stories 5/52

 I’m in the middle of a workshop right now, Capturing Joy.  I think that the winter run is supposed to really push us because it’s difficult to find joy in the blah winter months, but we have had nothing but sun and beautiful play time weather!

She’s an organizer.  Sometimes she organizes things in a way that the rest of us don’t, um, appreciate.
I once found an entire box of diapers lined up neatly in the bottom of a sleeping bag.
She opened every box of markers we owned (which was 10 boxes because I found a clearance deal)
so she could line them up by color.
These are our dog’s fetching balls lined up neatly on the skateboard.

This is one of our favorite places on the block.  They always want to stay until the sun sets, and I don’t fight them on that.
This kid and his collections.  He probably has 40 of these shells in his room already,
but he was so excited to find these on our morning hike.
I love these porches.
Those looks he gives me, like he’s saying, “watch out, I’m growing up quickly, Mom!  Don’t let these moments slip by.”
bousstop980 copy
Kids and boxes – why do we even buy them toys?

Waking up isn’t always easy, but the sun rising through their room as we go through our morning routine
helps us start the day in a brighter mood.

February 7, 2017 - 11:23 am

Our Year of Stories – 5/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg She’s not always a morning person, but she’s always a sun person.  We were watching the sunrise from her bed and then she noticed this on the wall and took advantage of her chance to “touch the sun.”  For more from our week, head to the blog. […]

Our Year of Stories 4/52

The letter of the week was K and we had wind advisories!
I can’t imagine us doing anything other than flying a kite on this Monday afternoon.

She thinks she’s being sneaky because she’s reading Brother’s magazine at the bottom of the playroom stairs.
I just love that she is excited to “read” and can’t wait to see which series she chooses in the next couple of years.

This is our favorite room in the house, the front porch, at our favorite time of day, bus drop-off.
She had her feet kicked up, looking at her “Brother Book,” waiting on his bus to zoom past the house.

This kid is obsessed with Legos!
He’s in the middle of a pen holder for Dad’s work desk here – (yes, Dad brought it to work and is using it).

Our car line has had major issues this year, most of which I personally called the school to rectify.
I was on the verge of causing my own car line problem, stopping to take a photo of her in the rear view mirror when traffic stalled.
I couldn’t help it – look how darned cute she is!

This was a long morning of watching Brother’s pinewood derby and basketball game, so we all deserved a treat after.

They didn’t win the basketball game, but he shot 4 times, which is an improvement from last week when he said,
“I don’t want to shoot during the games and miss, so I pass it to people who I think are the best shooters.”
He’s a great shooter and never hesitates to shoot and sink all the time at practice.

He did win 2nd place in the Derby, but I don’t have a picture of that winning moment.
They announced the wrong winners during the ceremony.
I hate that he had to go through the disappointment of working so hard on something,
achieving the goal of winning, and then not getting recognized.
But I’ve never been prouder of him.
He bit his lip, shook the winners’ hands,
and calmly told us he thought there was some sort of mistake.
He will get a medal at a later meeting, and he is fine with that.
I should be as mature as him.
When I look at the picture of them not calling his name,
(I clicked the shutter right when they said it), it breaks my Momma heart.
So much that it’s too personal to post here,
so you get the Good to the Last Drop ice cream picture!


They have a uniform, but tights, shoes, and other accessories are not included.
She goes big on the tights, shoes and other accessories.

January 31, 2017 - 9:24 am

Our Year of Stories – 4/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg She has a school dress code, but accessories are not included.  Tights, shoes, bracelets, leggings — anything goes!  She takes full advantage of that and accessorizes to the fullest!  To see more of our week, head to my blog. […]

Our Year of Stories 3/52

Maybe we just won’t have a winter?  I know, I am setting us up for a foot of snow with comments like that!
It was just such a beautiful week here, full of biking and playing and dancing and lots of joy.

No matter who wins, they always say that person had a head start, but they are racing a motorized scooter here, so I don’t think they really ever had a chance.


This tunnel is gigantic and it is open in their room about 90% of the time.  They rarely climb through it – it’s more of a place to huddle, usually to read or sleep.


“Okay, Mom, I’m ready for school!”
I love that I am blessed with his daily joy in my life.


Most days, she rolls down the window to get a goodbye hug and kiss from Brother before he gets on the bus.
This day, she was having a bad morning and locked the window, so he left a message in the dew.


Whatever the kiddos are doing, they all stop at 5:00 and face the flag as the bugle sounds.


I’m taking a workshop that suggested I do something new or outside my comfort zone this week.
I’ve always wanted to shoot in front of headlights.  He gave me about 2 minutes of dancing and a final dab before he was done.
I think we are mixing this with smoke bombs next time!



So. Many. Clubs!  These kids create a club every day.  I’m convinced it’s so they each get to be President of at least one club.

cardclub copy

He spent 45 minutes teaching me stick flipping, ninja forms and attack modes.  I love this kid’s imagination.


January 24, 2017 - 11:06 am

Our Year of Stories – 3/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg After about 20 minutes of him teaching me ninja moves, stick throwing techniques and detailed forms, I asked him if wanted to take martial arts classes again.   He looked at me, confused, “No, why would you think that?”  It’s because I always do this when I see a passion in him.  I want to recognize it, provide him with the rules and structure, and feed that passion so he can build upon it.  When he fell in love with piano, I immediately found him a piano teacher.  Three years and 3 piano teachers later, he still hadn’t learned his scales and was way less passionate about playing the piano.  I think I’m overly concerned about his ability to focus and learn the rules, but I need to remember that he is 8.  Now is his time to experiment, to explore his imagination and create his own rules and invent his own style before he’s thrown into a world that will try to define that for him.  For more of our week, head to my blog. […]