Our Year of Stories 9/52

This child!  He is just full of happy and love, and it spills right out onto you if you’re not careful!

march 1a

The one who was so afraid of heights, he shook uncontrollably at the top of the monkey bars 2 years ago.  This is that same kid, but he has no fear now.  He’s climbing and hanging on everything lately and, should I give him a worried look or mention he should be careful, he reminds me that I don’t always need to be such a Safety Pup.

march 2

Oh, that light in the morning!  She’s not much of a morning person, but this light certainly helps her face
the thought of getting out of that warm bed.

march 3

She much prefers to spin than the swing.

march 1

She’s just starting to sound out short words and she loves scanning books and trying to figure out what is happening.  Everything she finds with writing is studied and it makes me wonder what she is inventing as she “reads.”

march 5

Her birthday is just less than a month after Brother’s.  Last year, she was a bit sad all day, feeling frustrated that she had to wait for her own celebration day.  This year, she was giddy from the moment she woke up until the party was over in the afternoon.  She hugged on him and kept talking about how it was his day and just celebrated him with so much joy.

march 6

She sleeps in princess dresses and fairy wings, so I suppose I can see how getting dressed in the school uniform
every morning isn’t something she loves.

march 7

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