Our Year of Stories 8/52

I feel like I say it every week, but I can’t believe we are still outside daily (in shorts some days!) at the end of February.
As always, we are soaking up the sun at the parks and, when we are inside, we’re spending much of our time creating art.

I may have to create a paper budget for my kids.
With the art projects and now the origami and paper airplane obsessions, we are going through the supply quickly.

I think they are both quite comfortable.


This is her.  So very sweet, but just enough tough to get her way.


The typical afternoon scene in this room, bird watching and drawing.


This kid’s happy just spills out and infects everyone around him.


She will hang anywhere (and swing and climb and balance, and basically give me panic attacks on a daily basis).


Note M’s bangs sticking straight up in the silhouette, courtesy of her princess headband worn the entire day and night.


February 28, 2017 - 11:48 am

Our year of stories – 8/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg Recently, H said, “There’s just so many ideas inside of me that I feel like I can’t get them all out before I lose them.”  I know this about both of my kids, but it was interesting to hear it come out of his mouth, so perfectly articulating exactly how I feel as well.  Since we eat at our round breakfast table 99% of the time, they have started calling our dining room table the Art Table.  There is so much to be done during the week, but we try to gather in here as often as possible to help “get those ideas out.”  To see more images from our week, head to the blog. […]

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