Our Year of Stories 6/52

H&M had a figure 8 competition the first day we got these and I declared M the winner.
I knew better – the answer is always, “it’s a tie!”
He’s obsessed with getting the perfect figure 8 now.

I don’t have many family pictures since I’m always behind the camera.  I take every chance I can to get us all in the frame :).
I love that Chief is smiling even in a silhouette.  And notice H’s bunny ears on M — EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. he does this now.

She asked to do a chalk drawing.  When I saw where it was going, my momma heart just exploded.

“Look, Mom!  I look like a dog!!!”

Anything for Grammy!  Even some of his yummy Braum’s ice cream!

Every morning, he tries to give her a kiss goodbye before school.
Sometimes he’s successful, and sometimes it looks like this.
Nothing better than hilarious cat videos before bed!

February 14, 2017 - 11:22 am

Our Year of Stories – 6/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] It’s hard to get them all to stand still for a family photo, even one in silhouette.  The dog had just finished a long game of fetch, the kids had been playing at the park, and the sun was hitting this fence at just the right angle.  So I got my family picture!  All 5 of us in the frame, with a smiling dog to top it all off!  For more of our week, head to the blog! […]

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