Our Year of Stories 5/52

 I’m in the middle of a workshop right now, Capturing Joy.  I think that the winter run is supposed to really push us because it’s difficult to find joy in the blah winter months, but we have had nothing but sun and beautiful play time weather!

She’s an organizer.  Sometimes she organizes things in a way that the rest of us don’t, um, appreciate.
I once found an entire box of diapers lined up neatly in the bottom of a sleeping bag.
She opened every box of markers we owned (which was 10 boxes because I found a clearance deal)
so she could line them up by color.
These are our dog’s fetching balls lined up neatly on the skateboard.

This is one of our favorite places on the block.  They always want to stay until the sun sets, and I don’t fight them on that.
This kid and his collections.  He probably has 40 of these shells in his room already,
but he was so excited to find these on our morning hike.
I love these porches.
Those looks he gives me, like he’s saying, “watch out, I’m growing up quickly, Mom!  Don’t let these moments slip by.”
bousstop980 copy
Kids and boxes – why do we even buy them toys?

Waking up isn’t always easy, but the sun rising through their room as we go through our morning routine
helps us start the day in a brighter mood.

February 7, 2017 - 11:23 am

Our Year of Stories – 5/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg She’s not always a morning person, but she’s always a sun person.  We were watching the sunrise from her bed and then she noticed this on the wall and took advantage of her chance to “touch the sun.”  For more from our week, head to the blog. […]

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