Our Year of Stories 2/52

What a week!  After a 77° day on Wednesday, the entire town was shut down in anticipation of a Friday ice storm that never came.  With the Monday school holiday already in place, that gave us a 4-day-weekend.  The ice threat continued through Saturday, so we mostly hung out inside.

We have started a workshop through Brené Brown’s COURAGEworks community, The Art of Imperfect Parenting (phenomenal — HIGHLY recommend).  The first assignment required us all to draw a house and list things we are always allowed to do here.  M listed, “read” and “play.”   H’s list was “Dance, Do backflips, and Shake your groove thing.”  I anticipated lists that included hug, love, tell the truth, or pray, but their lists were a pretty fantastic outcome.  At least I know we’ve built a fun home.

This child’s feet.  I didn’t even know that feet could smell like that.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I know very well that they can because that was me at his age – always tore up, stinky shoes.  I guess our feet just work extra hard or something to destroy shoes like that and to produce that smell.  For the record, we grow out of this.  I swear my feet don’t still smell like rotten eggs and cheese.


Basketball season has begun, so in addition to technique night, H has practice and games.  M has decided she wants to join in on the action and, let me tell you, this girl has a mean dribble!


This is princess dress #6 for the night.  She ended up sleeping in princess dress #7, Princess Merida (minus the red wig).  We do not discourage this since we are going to Disney in March and feel like this may heighten the anticipation of the Princess Dinner ;-).

Yes, I had an image of her watching the sun last week too, but she does this often.  And if I’m not the one that pointed it out to her, she will yell at me, “Mom, come quick, it’s the sun!!!”

This is from another lesson from The Art of Imperfect Parenting course.  These are their empathy hands, but I don’t think M is feeling much empathy for my need to test out my new Sigma 24 lens.

Eating their afternoon snack and H kicking the most amazing bed head I’ve seen in some time!  Along with the stinky feet, he also got this from me.  Lucky boy.

January 17, 2017 - 8:00 am

Our Year of Stories – 2/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] Mel Karlberg The weather chased us inside for most of the weekend.  As you can see from H’s insane bed head, we didn’t care much what we looked like as we relaxed around the house.  For more of our week, head here. […]

January 17, 2017 - 5:52 pm

kelly polizzi - lOVE THESE! Especially the one of the watercolor painting with those big brown eyes looking up. Btw where did you get those paint sets? I love how big they are.

January 18, 2017 - 6:16 am

admin - Thank you 🙂

I found the paints at our local Tuesday Morning.

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