Our Year of Stories 1/52

So, I’m starting my third 365.  I did my first in 2012 and my second in 2014.  I thought I would just do the even years, but I just didn’t have the motivation in 2016.
This year, I am motivated and excited to launch a 365 that documents this time in my kids’ lives.

My only rules for my 365 are 1) to shoot every day, 2) that it must be my kids or something related to them (no macro or landscape for this project) and 3) I’m not allowed to direct or manipulate my kids —
shoot what is happening and don’t set up shots or activities purely for the sake of getting a picture.

So, here we go.  Let’s do this!

M is one of 3 younger girls inout neighborhood.  Although they have plenty of great play time, the girls live on the other end of the street, leaving M alone often to play with the big boys.  I have to say, they are the most inclusive big boys I’ve ever met.  Every once in a while, M is asked to step out of a game.  It’s usually because they don’t think she can handle how rough it is getting, but then (as happened here after she was done pouting), she steps in and destroys them all with her fierceness.  This girl has so much spunk!


We explore in these woods quite a bit, but we walked around to a back entrance and found things we had never seen.  H was equal parts fascinated and terrified of this stick fort we found.


This was the last day of break before school started back up.  As M kept saying, “this is 18 days, and we go back to school on day 19!”  I walked in on this impromptu dance party, complete with the strobe flashlight from H’s stocking.  They were ROCKING OUT to Adam Levine.


Our kids are always “in bed” by 8, but the clip clops and squealing make it obvious that they are NOT sleeping.  On a rare night, it is really quiet up there and I hopefully go up to check if they are sleeping.  Then I just laugh at myself, because that is the silliest wishful thinking ever ;-).  I love the activities they choose after 8, but I worry about them not being rested for school.  If it wasn’t for the early wake-up, I would let them draw, read, dress-up and dance until midnight.


She loves sunsets.  This energetic, free spirit will stop whatever activity she is doing and watch as soon as the colors start changing, sometimes sticking around for well over 10 minutes to catch the entire show.  If I am within earshot, she always alerts me too – “Look, Mom!  A sunset!!!”


Her first Oklahoma snow.  This is just outside our front door, where she plopped down and made snow angel as soon as we stepped outside.


It was also our neighbor’s dog, Elmer’s, first snow.  (This image may have been the same day as the one above.  They all wore the same outerwear the 3 days of snow, so it was hard to keep track.  I’m fine with this — my 365, my lax rules ;-). )


This sledding hill was quickly turning into more grass than snow when they finally decided to head back there. With the forecast for this week reaching 77°, I’m glad they got their sledding in while they could!


She wore this dress to church.  And I let her.  Because, really, what difference does it make?  When else in her life will she be able to get away with wearing princess dresses in public?  She brought smiles to so many faces this day in Target that I may just let her wear princess dresses there every time we go for the simple act of making the world a happier place.  (But why do my kids always pick the mammoth double-seater cart and then never use the seats!?  You can slide under or hang off of the normal sized carts just as easily.  Have you ever tried to steer one of these through Target?)


January 10, 2017 - 7:32 am

Our Year of Stories – 1/52 – Our Year of Stories - […] One of my resolutions this year is to diffuse stressful situations and to be the calmest person in the room.  Part of that involves picking my battles, deciding what is really important and what I am making into a bigger deal than needed.  In honor of that, I present to you a 4-year-old riding on the side of a cart (not just any cart, but the impossible-to-steer double-seater that why would you pick if you weren’t going to use the seats!) in a princess dress (that she wore to church).  For more of my 365 project, head here. […]

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