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Hi there!
That’s me, Mel 🙂

I do have a professional head shot, but it’s probably better to use one that will allow you to recognize me if you see me in real life.  (photo credit to my son)

I’m a hoarder.  Not piles of stuff – mostly just memories and emails, but it is a problem.  I’m addicted to stories, whether my own or others’.  The first step is admitting it, but I have no plans to move on to any more steps.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures if I tried.  It’s an obsession where I feel the need to capture all the good so it isn’t lost forever.  I’ve been like this since elementary school – from Ektralite to Polaroid, Disk to disposable, SLR to now with my DSLR and go anywhere iPhone & GoPro.

I love music, especially live.  I love to dance.  I’m not great, but that doesn’t stop me — even when the kids cover their faces and roll their eyes (I feel like they should be more impressed with Floss and Moonwalk skills – for an almost 50-year-old, my skills are pretty impressive).

I photograph the happy things — the optimistic and colorful, the breathtaking beauty of nature and the overwhelming magic of everyday moments.   I photograph those things for which I am grateful and I am grateful for the gift to photograph those things.

February 18, 2019 - 5:48 am

zach - Hey there

My name’s Zach and I’m the content manager at

I recently came across your awesome work and I was hoping you’d like to be published on the site.

Shotkit receives thousands of visitors from around the world every day, and you’d be joining hundreds of other world class photographers.

Please get in touch and I’ll go into more detail about what we’d need from you.

Cheers from Sydney!


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