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About Me

Hi there!
That’s me, Mel –
Mom, Proud Army wife, photographer, teacher.
I do have a professional head shot, but it’s probably better to use one that will allow you to recognize me if you see me in real life.

My days mostly consist of laughing with my high school sweetheart husband and hilarious kids.

I don’t enjoy cooking, but I love to eat.
I love dark chocolate, breakfast and appetizers.  I would eat those three things for every meal if I could.

I love live music!
My “who would you have dinner with?” companions would be Jack Johnson, Adam Levine, Dave Matthews and Chris Orwig
(Chris is not a musician, he’s a photographer.  But he thinks like a songwriter, and I also want photographic evidence of this dinner.)

I am always looking for a good story, whether it’s a photograph, in a conversation, or
on one of my favorite talent reality shows (anything from Chopped to The Voice to Project Runway).

I photograph those things for which I am grateful and I am grateful for the gift to photograph those things.


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