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About Me

Hi there!
That’s me, Mel 🙂

I do have a professional head shot, but it’s probably better to use one that will allow you to recognize me if you see me in real life.  (photo credit to my son)

I’m a hoarder.  Not piles of stuff – mostly just memories and emails, but it is a problem.  I’m addicted to stories, whether my own or others’.  The first step is admitting it, but I have no plans to move on to any more steps.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures if I tried.  It’s an obsession where I feel the need to capture all the good so it isn’t lost forever.  I’ve been like this since elementary school – from Ektralite to Polaroid, Disk to disposable, SLR to now with my DSLR and go anywhere iPhone & GoPro.

I love music, especially live.  I love to dance.  I’m not great, but that doesn’t stop me — even when the kids cover their faces and roll their eyes (I feel like they should be more impressed with Floss and Moonwalk skills – for an almost 50-year-old, my skills are pretty impressive).

I photograph the happy things — the optimistic and colorful, the breathtaking beauty of nature and the overwhelming magic of everyday moments.   I photograph those things for which I am grateful and I am grateful for the gift to photograph those things.

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