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A year of stories 50/52

5x5-framenewWhen you finish reading our story, don’t forget to follow the circle, starting with my talented friend, Cynthia Dawson.

A few weeks ago, he asked me the question.
“Mom, is Santa really real?”
“Well, there’s not a simple answer to that question, but if you really want to know the whole story,
we can sit down, just you and me, and talk about it anytime you want.”
My plan was similar to this – Santa story
But then he reconsidered his question.
“I don’t think I really want to know right now.”

Flash forward to this week.
“Mom, can we do a mother/son date?”
(we used to do these weekly, but we haven’t recently)
“Sure, where do you want to go?”
“Let’s go to a Starbucks lunch.  But not the one in Target.
The real restaurant one where we aren’t surrounded by people shopping so we can talk.”

Ok, I thought, this is it.  This is the coffee date where we have the talk.
This is the coffee date where I need to accept that he really is growing up.

Only, that’s not at all what he had planned.
He just wanted our old mother/son date, where we just talk about silly things as they come to us.

None of the topics began, Tell me the story about Santa.

They were
Let me tell you about what Big Nate is really about.
You know, he’s in middle school and there is, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend stuff.
(okay, so no “I’m growing up and want to talk Santa,” but this was definitely foreshadowing for changing interests, a reminder that these mother/son dates need to not get so few and far between as he grows up!)

What would Space Starbucks be like?  You know, they don’t have hot chocolate in space, but they do have soccer and cheese.

Mom, why does Starbucks use a greek mythology figure on their cups?
(The kid knows more about mythology than I do, so this was a
very interesting discussion after we did a Starbucks logo choice Google search.)

Let’s look up funny pictures on the internet.  Try dog dragon!  Now try elephant fish!
Try it – it’s hilarious!  We were probably close to getting kicked out of Starbucks laughing so hard.

Remember that book store with the coffee shop in Pennsylvania?  I miss that place.
When I grow up, can we own a bookstore together?
And let’s find one with a huge basement where we put the best books and a cafe!

Oh, son, that would be a dream, wouldn’t it?

Coffee and conversation with you for the rest of my life sounds perfect.


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