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A year of stories 49/52


When you finish reading our story, don’t forget to follow the circle, starting with my talented friend, Cynthia Dawson.

I fear that he won’t ask me to go on nature walks for much longer, so I try to soak in as much of these as I can.
Here are just a few of the images I captured from our most recent walk.

He was a little apprehensive about the “unmarked trail,” but we pressed on.



Are there any Backyardigans fans in the room?  “It’s my turn…. I’m going first….”

The best part of these nature walks is hearing his stories.
That side smile.  Who does he think he is?



You know what else I’m going to miss?
That big ole gap between his front teeth.

I mean, I don’t want him to have it forever, but it will mark images from this time in his life
and I know it will remind me of his quirky, childhood innocence every time I see it.


He always acquires a walking stick.

Our other nature walk finds


Those trees really blocked the wind.
We decided quickly that we needed to head back home or we would freeze hanging out at the park.


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