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A year of stories 44/52


After you read our story, don’t forget to follow the circle, starting with one of my favorite photographers, Sonja Stich.
I’m not gonna lie – I’ve been in a shooting slump.
I don’t know if it’s the approaching holidays, the election season,
my darn tennis elbow (should be called Photographer’s Elbow),
or just a creative valley, but I haven’t been taking many pictures.

I think it boils down to time.  There hasn’t been much extra of that lately.

So, today, for the weekly story, I’m taking you back to another time and place.
A place where time seems to stretch forever and worries roll away with the dew on the flower petals.


Where work seems like play and life feels unrushed.
My mom’s backyard.
It’s the only place I ever get rainbow flare when I shoot
(this could be the result of being able to sleep late at her house so the sun is just in the right position,
but I’m going to stick with it being magic).



The most magical place in her yard is the treehouse.
No matter the time of day, it’s always drenched in the most beautiful light.

The kids will play up there for hours, lowering the bucket and asking for sticks and leaves.
I’m not sure what the goal is with the sticks and leaves, because they all just get piled in the corner.
But maybe that is the point, just playing without a plan.
Just living in the moment and enjoying the journey.




My wish for my kids is that they have peace in their souls.
That their worries are few so they can focus more on loving and miracles and light.
That they notice there are flowers to smell and that they stop to smell them.
That they breathe in the gloriousness of the present without worrying so much about past or future.
In this backyard, I love that they have that.



November 9, 2016 - 6:22 am

Tess Runion - Oh Mel….the light in these is extraordinary. I love to go back to favorites when I’m slow to create! Lovely post!!! XO

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