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After you check out our weekly story, check out the entire circle, starting with the talented Renee Bonuccelli!

We are in our last month before the move.

Along with the stress and time of packing and prepping for the move, we also have this

overwhelming desire to knock out every activity in the area that we haven’t already experienced.  This weekend, it was City Island.

Specifically, the City Island playground.

The website pictures looked amazing, the kids love playgrounds, and it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon – perfect!

The kid surveyed the map and looked less than enthused.

In his defense, the weather was getting a little dreary and the playground was on the opposite side from the parking lot.


He soldiered on and looked determined to conquer this island.


On the way to the park, we saw the riverboat.  The last ride of the day was leaving in 2 minutes.  It was fate.  We had to.

Once the kids saw the paddles and learned that they were steering and motoring the ship, the rest of the trip was mostly them watching the turning wheels.



We did take a break from paddle watching to get a snack and a selfie.


Hey, Mom, get a picture of me holding up this bridge!

LJ8A9976 copy

As soon as we stepped off the boat, the skies opened up into a torrential downpour.

So much for the playground idea.

Luckily, there was an arcade on the way out.


His first game of pinball wasn’t exactly what he expected.


But he was a master on the air hockey table!

june 4

We spent about an hour playing skeeball, pinball and air hockey and then headed out, one more PA adventure in the books!


June 7, 2016 - 7:44 pm

Renee Gravelle Bonuccelli - Very cool! That looks like an awesome park. I love the paddle wheeler pics! And the last one – so intense and love the reflection!

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